Dubs of Weed: What Is It? How Much Is It?

Until recently, marijuana was deemed unlawful and even these days still has a stigma associated with it in countries outside of the USA. Consequently, buyers and sellers of weed had to adopt coded terms when buying or selling on the underground market. Dubs is one such code word; this term can refer to dimes of cannabis as well as a quarter, while "zip" means an entire ounce. With these definitions in mind, let's explore the terminology used for weed interchangeably in the market today!

Dubs of Weed 

Cannabis on both markets is sold in grams, ounces, and pounds by dry weight. This means the measurement is based on how much the cannabis flower weighs when dried. Most consumers purchase small amounts in grams. 

"Dub" is a slang term for $20 worth of weed. It can also refer to two grams of weed, but the weight varies based on location and quality of bud. The legality and availability of cannabis differ across the United States.

Along the western coastline, marijuana has been legalized for over a decade and it's now possible to purchase two grams of weed in one fat blunt for just $20. However, if you're located in certain Southern states where cannabis continues to be illegal, packing a bong bowl with only 0.2g can still land you behind bars...Maybe not the best idea!

From the legal market to illegal sellers, pre-measured zip bags of cannabis are available for purchase. What's more is that even though these "black market" dealers may have different labels from those you would find in a dispensary--which can be found across over a dozen U.S states and Canada--the packaging remains relatively identical. As the underground cannabis economy continues to develop, this small distinction is quickly being eliminated as well.

Where Does the Term Dubs of Weed Originate? 

Have you ever heard of "dubs"? This term originates from tires at least twenty inches wide - yes, tires, you read that correctly. How did that commonality between tires and marijuana originate, you ask? Blame the West Coast! Or praise them? 

You may have also come across the phrase "dub sack," which means a bag filled with marijuana worth $20. That's not all; there is an even better deal – the "$15 dub" – where one gets to purchase a $20 bud for only fifteen bucks! Sounds like a good deal to me.

Why Does Quality Matter When You Buy a Dub? 

It's really quite simple: High-quality cannabis equals more money. You wouldn’t pay $20 for a bottle of scotch and expect it to be high quality - same thing applies here. No matter if it is legal or illegal in your area, quality weed will always be pricier than lower grade marijuana. A two-gram bag of subpar buds may cost as low as $15 while top shelf buds could be up to $25 for the same amount. Knowing what type of bud will give you the best value for your buck is key because you don't want to be paying premium dollars for a subpar product - this can only come through experience.

If you know the right dispensaries who offer it, consider mids (which is something we'll go through in this article). Some people buy lower quality and smoke more. Others prefer high-quality flower in their bong over a joint or blunt packed with cheap flower.

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What are Mids?

Mid-shelf is the middle ground between top-shelf and bottom-shelf bud. Get a dub of mid-shelf, and you'll get decent bud without breaking the bank. Then you can pack a few bowls or bongs or roll a joint with $20 worth of weed.

Can I Buy Half a Dub? 

Yes, but that's not the name. In any sort of market, you'd call a half-a-dub a dime or dime bag. A dime refers to a $10 bag of weed or a gram of bud. Like dubs, these are often available in pre-measured packages on both sides of the market. Although there are nickels, these are no longer as common. You'll either end up with half a bowl pack of dank bud (no thank you) or a pinner's worth of low-quality flower (also, no thank you).

Can I Buy Two Or Three Dubs? 

Yes, you can buy two and three dub bags. The equivalent terms for two dubs are quarter or an eighth. Again, depending on your location, it may cost $25 or $30, and sometimes more, $40 or $50, for a quarter of an ounce.

For example, Gary Payton, a high-grade cannabis, can go for around $50 an eighth on the black market, and in NYC where it's currently legal, it's worth $75 for a 1/8th. The measurements don't stop at an eighth.

Others include: 

  • Half - a half-ounce of weed 
  • Oz - an ounce of weed or a zip 
  • QP or Quad - a quarter-pound, or 4 ounces 
  • HP or Half - a half-pound, or 8 ounces 
  • P or Pound - 16 ounces of weed 

Unlike dubs, you're more likely to find these measurements in the legal market. When you're looking to smoke a bong or roll a raw, smoking kits from Cheef are perfect with a half or zip of weed. These come with everything you need for a fun night—from wraps and cones to the rolling tray and grinder. 

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Where Can I Use These Terms? 

For over a decade, the industry has strived to erase the negative perception of cannabis. It may be common that when you go to an authorized dispensary anywhere in the country, words like dubs or dime are no longer heard. These terms can still be encountered in both legal and illegal markets—mostly by generations born before Millennials such as Gen Xers and Boomers - the chill, laid back ones anyway.

Ultimately, the cannabis industry has shifted from the black market to a regulated industry with multiple terms of measurement for different price points. When you use a word like dubs of weed, you must know where you are and how much you're paying for a certain amount. Whether you buy a dub at the corner store or in a dispensary, understanding these terms can help you make an informed decision. 

So remember, buying cannabis isn't just about weight—it's about quality, too. When you're hunting for a dub of weed, know your source before you buy! 

With this approach, you can have your cake and eat it too! Maximize the value of every penny spent while savoring an exquisite bong filled with high-quality buds without going over budget. Happy shopping

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